Beauty Gurus to Follow: Top Influencers Redefining the Beauty Landscape


Whether you’re new to the beauty scene or a life-long makeup enthusiast, beauty gurus have long proven to be an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration. We have hand-picked the best beauty influencers, who are powerhouse performers across social media and platforms like YouTube, redefining the beauty and fashion landscape. They are real-world experts who not only bring forth the latest trends in makeup product reviews, tips, and techniques but also foster a community of diverse individuals who share the same passion and enthusiasm about beauty. Here is a list of our top beauty influencers you need to follow.

1. A Makeup Renaissance: The Power of Beauty Gurus

The rise of the beauty gurus and influencers on the internet has revolutionized the industry of makeup. With the resources of the internet, anyone can sharpen their skills until they become the perfect artists. By using thousands of tutorials, people have access to the best knowledge in the industry.

The confidence and self-love generated by these gurus is unbelievably empowering. Women everywhere can find their inner strength and express their creativity by experimenting with new makeup techniques. From classic cat eyes to the adventurous colours of ombré lipstick, every trick can be found and perfected with a few clicks.

Moreover, the modern makeup look no longer only caters to appeasing the male gaze. Beauty gurus have created a safe space for female expression, recommending the most flattering and empowering looks. Women are free to experiment with the art of makeup without feeling any pressure from others.

A perfect example of this creativity can be found in the thriving culture of beauty wallpapers. YouTubers are creating videos on transforming their wallpapers with unique designs, striving for exciting, funky and lively looks. It’s a fantastic way to explore your creative skills—from pastel pinks and blues to vibrant neon greens, the world of beauty is your canvas.

  • Access to the best knowledge in the industry
  • Empowerment of self-expression
  • Flattering and empowering makeup looks
  • Forgettable and unique beauty wallpapers

2. Spotlight On: Meet the Top Beauty Influencers Changing the Scene


NikkiTutorials is a beauty YouTuber that’s been collecting a loyal following since she started in 2012. She has a whopping 14 million subscribers and counting. Nikki specializes in all areas of the beauty world, offering tricks and tips on her channel for everything from skincare to hair and makeup. With her quirky jokes and upbeat demeanor, Nikki manages to make even the most intense tutorials lighthearted and fun. She even has a podcast called “Let’s Talk About It” which features other beauty gurus, makeup twinning challenges, and lots of laughs.

James Charles

James Charles changed the game for male makeup artists when he first came onto the beauty scene in 2016. His “boy beat” is something that’s never been seen before and inspired a new dawn of masculine makeup lovers. With his signature bold looks, James has earned himself an army of 25 million followers. From creating stunning makeup art to filming funnier bits, James innovates traditional beauty tutorials in the most creative ways. Plus, he makes sure to keep his channel as diverse and inclusive as possible – something that his audience loves him for.


A lifestyle vlogger with an emphasis on the beauty side of things, Roxxsaurus is another favorite in the influencer community. Her channel is full of easy-to-follow tutorials, entertaining advice videos, and lots of humorous reviews that puts a creative spin on makeup. She’s all about having fun and staying positive – which even more so resonates with her 2 million subscribers. From showing her fans how to perfect their winged eyeliner to doing whole face transformations, Roxxsaurus continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with makeup.

Jackie Aina

Jackie is a bomb ass beauty vlogger and a force to be reckoned with. Her look-driven videos focuses on darker skin tones and swatches, something that’s been overlooked by the beauty industry for far too long. She makes sure to give honest reviews and discuss topics like accessibility in skincare for all types of skin tones and concerns. This aside, she has 4 million subscribers who still love her because she knows how to keep things positive. Her hilarious outlook on life makes her tutorials twice as fun and inspiring.

3. Social Media’s Impact on How We Perceive Beauty

We live in a world of filters, Photoshop, and Insta-models, where the quest of physical perfection has never been as attainable and as seemingly accessible. With almost everyone these days having a social media account, it comes as no surprise that this platform has a great impact on the way we perceive beauty.

The Unrealistic Standards
The beauty standards that are forced on us through these platforms are often highly unrealistic and unattainable. Photos are touched up to perfection to manipulate the way we think is beautiful, only to discover later when we look in the mirror that the outcome is much different. There is a strong emphasis on what we should be rather than who we are and what we can do.

The Pressure to Fit In
Social media has a huge role in creating hullabaloo around trends and fads everywhere, consequently putting immense pressure on us to look and act a certain way. This is especially true for teens who are most impressionable when it comes to the influences of social media.

The Consequences of Caring Too Much
The need for physical perfection can have serious consequences, leading to mental health problems, body dysmorphia disorder, or an eating disorder. Some people have even gone as far as undergoing cosmetic procedures to achieve their goals. It is extremely important to remember that in the end, self-love is the only ticket that will get you to real happiness.

  • Always remember that physical perfection is relative and variable.
  • Focus on developing who you are and not what you look like.
  • Avoid comparing yourself to the standards presented through social media.
  • Unfollow accounts that put you down or make you feel bad about yourself.

Today, beauty trends come and go faster than ever before, with monthly releases, and it can become difficult to stay on top of the latest products and techniques. That’s why we’re offering these four tips for keeping up with the ever-changing beauty landscape.

1. Look At Social Media

Social media is a great place to stay abreast of beauty trends. From influencers to celebrities, everyone is showcasing their best looks and using it to promote upcoming trends and products. By following accounts that you’re interested in, this will help you identify the next big trends and trends that fit your lifestyle before they become the mainstream.

2. Get Professional Advice

For those who don’t feel like they can keep up with the changing trends on their own, getting professional advice from beauty experts and stylists can also be an excellent option. Whether on social media, blogs, or in person, professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you find the right trends for your individual tastes.

3. Keep Your Gear Stocked & Up-To-Date

Being up-to-date means having the right products and tools to create the latest looks. Keeping your stock of beauty tools and products up-to-date is a great way to stay ahead of the trends. Invest in products from the leading brands, so you always have the latest and the best at your disposal.

4. Seek Out Reviews

Reviews can help you make informed decisions about the latest trends. Do your research to get unbiased opinions from both pros and consumers, so you know what’s really trending and can choose the products that are right for you.

The world of beauty has changed drastically since the introduction of beauty influencers, and it’s no wonder they have grown to become so influential and inspiring when it comes to beauty trends and advice. So if you’re looking to explore the world of beauty gurus, these top influencers should be a great place to start. Who knows? Maybe their beauty insights can inspire you to find your very own signature style and take your beauty look to the next level!

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