Lip Service: Trendy Lip Makeup Looks Dominating Beauty Trends


From statement reds to pastel pinks, the lips industry is booming. As we enter into a new season, makeup trends have called for bold lips to take the wheel, and the creative ways to incorporate them into looks have become endless. We’ve compiled the hottest new makeup looks, complete with their trends and tips, so you too can create the perfect lip statement. Allow us to introduce you to the ‘Lip Service: Trendy Lip Makeup Looks Dominating Beauty Trends’.

Bold Lipstick Look

Adding bold shades of lipstick can be an intimidating but powerful way to make a statement. Think deep reds, purples, and blues—pair with a subtle eye makeup to enhance the look. Let the bold lip be the focus of your look. More daring looks may include bright green or pink shades which definitely pull eyes in the room.

Natural with Gloss

We all need an easy-to-go lipstick look that creates a soft yet impactful look. Nothing spells glam like a soft shadow of beige, nude, or pink tones with a touch of gloss on top. Use a creamy lipstick and a hint of lip gloss for that natural dewy look. You can even go for a bit more definition by adding a slightly darker shade to the outer corners of your lips.

The Classic Red

There are few makeup looks as timeless as the classic red lips. Whether you’re bold enough to go all out with a red, or take a softer approach with a lighter shade, everyone can enjoy the classic red look. To avoid it looking too harsh, combine with a light eye. The combinations are endless and alluring, but never underestimate the power of the classic red lip for any occasion.

Coral Pout

Cooler coral shades are great for adding a splash of color to your look. Wear a light lip liner followed with a coral-toned lipstick as a fun way to make an entrance without looking overly done. Add a bit of gloss with a shimmer to make the color really pop.

  • Bold Lipstick Look
  • Natural with Gloss
  • The Classic Red
  • Coral Pout

Carnation Fuchsia – Get ready to pepper the streets with beautiful, bright, and superfeminine lips! This season, opt for a carnation fuchsia lipstick to make those lips stand out. Not only is this color vibrant and alluring, but it’s also surprisingly versatile – perfect for casual days and night outs alike.

Soft Mauve – For a subtle, romantic twist, look for a muted mauve for your lips. It’s the perfect shade to find the right balance between glam and girly. Paired with a subtle smokey eye, you’ll bring a delicate aura of romance and femininity to any occasion.

Bold Reds – Get ready to ooze confidence and sophistication! Nothing channels power and class like a bold statement red lipstick, and this season is no exception. If you’re in need of a confidence boost, then channel your inner diva and rock the world with bold lips!

Take Your Fun Anywhere – Complete the look with glittery glosses and creamy tints! Take your fun to the other side of the city with shimmery lips, adding fun and charm to any look you choose. With creamy, pigmented tints, you can effortlessly rock the trendiest look of the season!

3. Getting Ready to Shine – What it Takes to Achieve the Look

They say that the devil is in the details, and nowhere is this truer than with a show-stopping style. To achieve the perfect polished look, there are a few key components that every style maven needs:

  • The right tools and products
  • Proper application techniques
  • Knowing what works together

First and foremost, having the right products in your arsenal is key – and not just any products. Quality products that won’t damage hair can make all the difference, as will tools like heat protection spray and a quality blow dryer. Any beauty guru worth their salt will highly recommend investing in items that your hair deserves.

Just as important is knowing how to apply products, tools, and techniques appropriately. This includes keeping within hair type guidelines and specific application methods – for instance, low heat when straightening or curl-enhancing creams when curling. Taking the time to learn the nuances of each product and practicing with them can help create the perfect look.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you have to know how to marry them all together. Mixing the right products and application techniques can result in a style that’s fresh, modern, and show-stopping.Take your time to experiment, and eventually, the perfect combination of looks and techniques will be in your repertoire.

4. Bare Your Lips – The Power of Lipstick Confidence

Nothing carries an air of elegance more than articulately adorned lips. From the classic transgender look to a daring fashion statement, perfecting the lips is the ultimate praise to the confidence of strong style. Without a single touch of colour, lips are already structured beauties, but when bespoiled, the sense of poise is undeniable.

Lipstick has been a staple in many cultures, especially in ancient times where shades were made from a combination of beeswax and ground colour pigments. Wearing a vivid lip has become a sign of prevailing femininity. So, why not say goodbye to soft nudes, and let those lips do the talking?

What’s the key to keeping lips feeling hydrated and looking full? Here’s a list of tips for supple and successful lips:

  • Keep it scrubbed – Cleanse the lips 2-3 times a week to get rid off any impurities and lingering bacteria that can result in dryness.
  • Stay moisturised – During the day, use a light balm to keep those lips feeling as fresh as it looks, for makeup that lasts all day.
  • Suncreen – Never forget to apply sunscreen before lipsticks as UVA and UVB rays are dangerous to those pouts.
  • Be distinctive – Dare to be bold or go all out with an unconventional shade. There’s nothing wrong with being unapologetically creative with your lip game.

In 2020, lipstick was an essential part of our hygiene routine to not only add a touch of grace but to also protect those kissable mounds. Whether you’re going for a classic matte look or demi-matte lip stain, owning a sense of lipstick confidence is the key to achieving soft luscious lips.

From soft pinks to juicy oranges, there’s no doubt the current beauty trends show that achieving a bold and beautiful lip can be just a swipe away. All it takes is the right knowledge of trendy lip makeup looks, and you can welcome the attention and admiration that comes with it. Now, rip out a color and make a statement with your lips.

With no stopping the power of the perfect pout, lip service is here to stay.

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